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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Leading Up to Resurrection Sunday...

Resurrection (Easter) Sunday is a couple weeks away 
and I have been working on reading through the events that surround
the last days of Jesus' life here on earth.

In doing so, I made a Scripture Writing/Journaling Plan
that begins with Jesus foretelling of his suffering
and concludes with Jesus ascending to Heaven.

Each day is 1 to 4 verse to write out or journal in your Bible.
Reading these verses help us to recall 
what Jesus suffered on our behalf
and His power over death to show that He
is the Saviour of us all,
if we just believe on Him.

I went over this a little bit and did a journaling page
on my FB page on Friday,
so I have uploaded on YouTube (unedited)
to share here as well...

I also made it into a printable for you to download and print out.
It will print two, so share one with a friend!

I hope you are blessed by the readings,
and feel free to share any pictures of your Bible journaling
over on my FB page post on this topic!

Thank you for coming to Create with Me today!

"Then delivered he Him therefore unto them to be crucified. 
And they took Jesus, and led Him away."
John 19:16


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