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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

He Sought the Lord...

These words from 2 Chronicles 26:5 are part
of our Bible Journaling time together today.

When I recently heard this verse presented again,
it made me want to do a page with you.

It is a simple design, but speaks to the seeking of the Lord.

This verse shows that our prospering comes from God...
when we are seeking Him.

Uzziah was a one of the kings of Judah that did
that which was right in the sight of the Lord.
Not that he was perfect, but more that he was following God correctly.
This made him to have a long life and reign as king.
But then came a time where he got his focus onto what he wanted to do...
and this caused him to do something he wasn't supposed to!

Keeping our focus on God is going to help us to prosper...
this may not mean that we will be wealthy,
but it should bring us contentment in our lives.

Here is the video of the journaling of this passage,
to help us to remember who to focus on...

Stampin' Up! products used:

Thank you for coming to Create with Me today!

" long as he sought the Lord, 
God made him to prosper."
2 Chronicles 26:5b


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