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Monday, April 3, 2017

Planner Update and Decorating...

Welcome to a new week friends!
This weekend I was watching videos to find out ways that other people
 keep track of their blogging and video making schedules...
to keep from scrambling around on the days needing post to get a video and post ready to go!

With that, I did some layout changes to my planner and decided to show that, 
and the decorating of it today!

I'm still liking the lighthouse - High Tide - stamp set, 
so I went with that for this weeks planner decorations and ended up using 5 ink colors...

I really liked the colors and look that worked out this week :)

Here is the video showing what I did to my layout and how I stamped it...

To review a little on the colors... I ended up using

Along with the photopolymer stamp set, High Tide.

So, do you decorate your planner for each week?

Thanks for stopping by to Create with Me today!

"Then are they glad because they be quiet; 
so he bringeth them unto their desired haven."
Psalm 107:30


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