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Showing Appreciation...

It is usually very enjoyable to be invited to someone's home for dinner (or even just dessert) to fellowship together as friends. Typically, I don't take a hostess gift, nor do I expect one from anyone coming to my house...they are invited just for us all to enjoy each other's company.

However, annually we try to have a progressive dinner for the youth activity at church, so for the past couple years I've decide to take a hostess gift to those that take the time to prepare food for a bunch of kids that are going to eat & run. This year it was these mugs filled with various hot drink packets.

There was one mug given per stop...
The contents included
     1 - Hot Chocolate Mix Packet
     1 - Hot Apple Cider Mix PAcket
     1 - English Breakfast Tea Bag
     1 - Chai Tea Bag
     1 - Earl Grey Tea Bag
     3 - Creme de Pirouline Dark Chocolate Cookie Wafers
     1 - Filter of Coffee (for 1-12 cup pot of coffee)
     1 - Sugar in the Raw Packet (1 Tablespoon serving s…