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Weekly Planner...

I've always liked looking at different types of day planners and seeing if they'd work for me...but I don't usually ever buy one! For 2012, I just used a monthly planner calendar from the dollar store...worked pretty good, but those little blocks get filled up quick... In 2013, I tried a variety of things...mostly different printouts I'd make, until about September, then I started using a basic tablet. This worked well, and I liked it, and was even expanding it to use two pages per week instead of one....but the issue was that I had to make all the lines, dates, checklists, etc. every week.

Well, at the beginning of the year I saw this and this post on A Holy Experience and took those inspirational ideas of a manifesto and daily planner and made my own .

So, the first post was about a "manifesto" for the upcoming year to have a direction and goals to work toward...well, I wrote mine out and it became Blueprint 14. Since a printable to go with a manifesto is …

Pretty Pink...

Today I clicked over to Stitched in Color and saw that she is currently hosting a giveaway with Sew Modern fabric shop. It is a contest where you make a mosaic of fabric in a particular color scheme carried by the shop, Sew Modern this time, and you could win a fat quarter pack of your material if you win.

 The color is PINK! Here are my fabric choices...
Just got to love perusing fabric! If you want to join in, there is still time but better hurry, entry submission ends tomorrow night!

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." ~ Matthew 5:16

Accessories Tutorial...

Today I have a tutorial that was requested after I posted about the purse accessory set. I had planned on posting it this past Thursday, but whew, I forgot how much more time a tutorial took than a regular, it just didn't happen till now! :)

Note: There are a lot of picture in this post! Also, I try to write my tutorials for a beginners level :) that way if someone has no sewing experience they can try to make one too!

Supplies needed:

2 pieces of material 7 1/2" x 11 1/2" each (tissue cover)
2 pieces of material 5" x 11" each (change purse)
snap fastener and/or button
tissue pack :)
sewing machine

Travel Tissue Cover
Start by cutting your 2 pieces of fabric to 7 1/2" x 11 1/2"
Take each each piece of your tissue cover and fold it down from shorter side in 2 inches (right sides of fabric facing each other). Note: Both the cover and lining will be constructed the same way, except the space left unsewn in the side seam of the lining…

Map Time Rag Quilt...

Another Christmas present review... this soft, snugly blanket was made for our nephew. He turned a year old a few days before Christmas, which was what this present was originally meant for :) but I hadn't had the chance to make it! 
So, he received his intended Christmas present for his birthday...and I used the much need couple days in between to make the quilt...which he in turn received for Christmas!

Thankful to my wonderful husband who took care of snipping all the edges of the rag quilt for me while I wrapped presents on Christmas Eve!
Finished quilts have been few in number around here lately, so I don't think I remembered to measure the finished size...but I did do a little different pattern than a regular rag quilt so there would be a nice size map in the middle! (All the flannel is from JoAnn's.)

Have you completed any quilts lately?

"But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works."…

Daily Discovery...

A couple of years ago we began using Bible Reading schedules for reading through the Bible in one year...well, this year we are moving from a basic reading schedule to reading Chronologically through the Bible this year. I was excited to start the new schedule, however, I didn't want to just read through it, I want to get more out of it then in previous years...

So, this is what I came up with:
In the fall I started to circle/highlight certain words as I, in addition to that, I am also writing in a journal!
This is what each day's entry will consist of:
Reference of the Reading Passage Summary: Quick overview of what was read Key: This is a key verse(s) picked from the passage to do further study on Corresponding: The verses that cross-reference with the key verse Commentary: The commentary read from for further study Special: This is the section with the things gleaned from the days reading Prayer: Three main things to pray for during the day Memory: Space to work on the …

Purse Accessory Sets...

A good friend of mine had a great idea for gifts to give this past Christmas season...Purse Accessory sets. So, I borrowed her idea, and made some sets to give to some of the lovely ladies on my Christmas gift-giving list. Our sets didn't contain the exact same things...but not all of the sets I gave out even had all the same components, the sets were tailored to the receiver :)

A couple purple sets...
This set included a scarf (not shown), checkbook/2-year planner cover, a small change purse, a key fob, a travel tissue cover, and a to-go cup cozy.
The second purple set included a scarf, a small change purse, travel tissue cover, checkbook/2-year planner cover, and a key fob.

A little more springy...
This smaller set went to my sister, who already had a mug, in her purse set, she received a travel tissue cover, a key fob, a small change purse, and a checkbook/2-year planner cover.

I also made a couple other sets that were given out before I remembered to photograph them.…