Thursday, February 13, 2014

Desk Accessory Set...

Last week I made this desk accessory set for a family member's birthday... I had to make them on my old Jenome machine as my newer, fancier :) Singer was in the shop getting fixed. I got the Singer back I hope to be able to see how it is running some time today! But the Jenome did a great job filling in!

As for the Desk Accessory Set, it included a key board wrist rest (with the option of using it as a heat pack too!), reverse-applique leafy branch mug rug, pen cup, and a paper clip cup, which also had some mini post it notes in it...
Beautifying a desk makes the work seem less blah, right?! :)

"A little that a righteous hath is better than the riches of many wicked."
~ Psalm 37:16


  1. That is a lovely desk set, and yes anyone who has to work a lot would love something pretty to look at.

  2. Very pretty! I bet your family member loved it. That mouse pad is my favorite - I like how you outlined the leaves - or is that a mug rug? . . . I guess it could be either one :)


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