Autumn's Bountiful Apple Blessings...

Last fall was a very sparse year for apples due to a late frost in the Spring...which made apples more expensive around here, so we did not can any last year.

Well, this Autumn has brought an abundant amount of apples! Not only are they more available, but this year we have been blessed beyond a doubt by all the apples we have been given!

The neighbor has a newer orchard and wasn't really expecting apples yet, so since he did get some, he gave us a box of apples and let us gather the ones dropped from the trees...for FREE!
We made and canned applesauce!

Then, we were going to get some more apples from the local store to can chopped apples for use in apple recipes {mostly pies :)}... however, before we did, some friends offered apples they had picked from a relative's tree....

These generous friends gave us two boxes...for FREE!
 I got all set-up to can apples on Friday...
and after spending most of the day in the kitchen I'm feeling blessed because I already have 12 quarts of apples done and a WHOLE BUNCH of apples still left to conquer next week! 

Hoping that my cute helpers are as willing to pitch in next time!

I will sing unto the Lord,
because he hath dealt bountifully with me.
Psalm 13:6



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