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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Palm Trees...

When I was a little girl my family visited Myrtle Beach, SC for a couple of vacations. The first time was in 1982, where we stayed at the Myrtle Beach KOA Campground. Near the playground, my sister and I got our picture taken by a small palm tree...
Myrtle Beach KOA 1982
 When our family returned there in 1991, we had our picture taken again, by the same tree at the campground.
Myrtle Beach KOA 1991
 Well, this year I was able to again return to Myrtle Beach with Chad and our girls on our family vacation. We did not stay at the KOA on this trip...we were visiting with some of Chad's family, so we stayed with his Aunt...

On Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church I remembered the above progression of pictures by the KOA trees and thought it would be neat to take our picture by them...but we'd have to find the campground.

Well, I hadn't mentioned it to imagine my excitement when as we were driving to the church we had chosen (even before we left PA) to attend on Sunday morning was right beside the KOA!!!!! So of course, we went and got our picture taken!
Myrtle Beach KOA 2013
 The tree that is on the left edge of the picture is the tree my sister and I are standing right in front of in the other pictures...the tree just behind my shoulder is the tree of the shorter palm branches sticking into the right side of the 1991 picture by my sister's shoulder!

Our travel to South Carolina also provided stops at my sister's house in Maryland...It was so great to see her after a long absents. Here she is with Liz and Amber!
Smiling girls...So Pretty!
Hope you are having an enjoyable Summer and enjoyed seeing the growing of the palm trees!

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: 
he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
Psalm 92:12

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