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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Travel Companions...

This summer seems to be filling up with some travel plans and so I decide to make myself a purse/bag that would accommodate all the things needed when out and about on a day trip... like my camera, regular purse items, a bottle of tea, my Kindle, and a couple diapers and wipes for the little one - trying to eliminate carrying the 2nd bag! [There will still be a bag of back-up/extra stuff in the car though! :)]

This is what I finished yesterday...
The Day Tripper bag :)
 It is a little bit bigger than I first was thinking in my head...but I think the laptop might fit in it too, so that works! It's not real noticeable in the picture but on the left side is the water-bottle pocket and there is a pocket here on the front.
The only thing I think I dislike so far is the spot where the zipper meets... I'm wishing I would have gone with  either (1) trying to incorporate the longer zipper I had gotten for this project but decided not to use, or (2) gone with a coat/jacket zipper...oh well, most of my projects are learning processes anyway since I rarely use a pattern!

I think I'll load it up and try it out for church tonight :)

Earlier in the month I made cosmetic bags for Mother's day... I forgot to take picture of them before gifting them...but I do have pictures of the one I made for myself.

These turned out great and are pretty easy to make! :)

Now I need to make a couple duffle bags for the girls, some culottes, and probably a couple dresses for our Summer fun to come!

The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul:
Proverbs 13:19a

It is a wonderful feeling to have a goal accomplished! This morning in my devotional book the lady was expressing how nice it was to have accomplished homeschooling all her children and that she was excited to move on to new goals. I enjoy very much to be able to cross of items that are on my to do list...which always seems to be growing :) 

Here we see that God has this in our make-up, that we like to get things done and the feeling of success that it gives us. What's on your to-do list for today?


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