Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still Reviewing Christmas...

Not much crafting around here right now... so today I'll show you a few more things from the Christmas season.

Every year I always think it would be nice to do a 12 days of Christmas countdown to Christmas...well, this year I finally did one. I decided to just do something Christmas-y about every other day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A few of those things included:
"Painting" the inside of glass ornaments...

The girls colored a banner for Daddy :)

I made luminaries to greet home the three of them one night when they had been out...

Homemade snowballs for an inside snowball fight... these were fun :)
I first saw this idea on Pinterest... (click on the picture for the pin)
Personalized Family Indoor Snowball Fight
But it wasn't a tutorial to make them...it was a link to buy them for $20 (not paying that for snowballs), not to mention they were unavailable! So, I made my own!!!! Not quite as cute and round as the smiling ones, but mine work! I do plan to post a quick tutorial for how I made them.

Also, a candlelight dinner!

Moreover it is required in stewards,
that a man be found faithful.
1 Corinthians 4:2

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