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Friday, January 4, 2013

New Types of Projects...

Not that I didn't already have enough projects to do, but I added another hobby in early November - I started making cheese! It is an interesting process and neat to make...however, it is definitely a learning process! Most of the cheese has turned out a little different than expected, but still edible :)
This was an attempt at Mozzarella... I made more today, but the texture still seems to be not quite right. Still taste good though!

In December, I also began learning (from the internet) how to crochet. I had been using the knitting looms, but I kept breaking the pegs, so since I had a couple of crochet hooks, I decided it was time to get learning!

I made a few mug cozies and a coaster...
and little coasters/wash cloths to go with some bread, cutting boards, and homemade cheese for presents for this past Christmas.

For Christmas I made the girls some 'fancy' princess dresses...
and they got a Trampoline :)
A few days before Christmas, Chad's brother & sister-in-law had their little boy...this is Liz with her new cousin when he was a week old!

Delight thyself also in the Lord:
and he shall give thee the desire of thine heart.

~ Psalms 37:4 ~

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