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Fabric Shopping Online...

Just got easier!
Today I have a different kind of post...a review of a new quilt fabric search engine. It is called Find My
It has a very inviting home page and is easy to maneuver through. So for the past week or so, I've been periodically checking out different features on the site, and the concept is so great. You type in a fabric you are looking for...and up comes a bunch of fabric that fits that category.

The first thing I typed in was an actual fabric line from Moda - Grand Finale (one of my favorites and seems to becoming a little harder to find...) and it brought up 48 results! I continued with other searches, like paisley  purple flowers, etc... and was pleased with the selection.

I really liked the pop-up window you get when you select a product. It shows the product, what store it is from, the price, etc... and then when you click the Go to product page link under the price, it opens in a new window! Yeah! I love that! I hate when I'm looking through a l…

Pieces Come Together Quilt...

This is the last of the September projects that I haven't shared yet... the quilt!
Some may remember this...
Well, today I'm finally posting about it, so, you get to see it in good lighting and finished!

This was my first truly scrappy coordinating or matching going on. Definitely a major departure for me. I'm a highly coordinate person - the family's church outfits usually coordinate every Sunday :) I'll have to go back to just Chad's and mine once the girls want to start picking out their own clothes!

But back to the quilt...
I LOVE the way it turned out! I see more scrap quilts in my future...
Chad came up with the design of the big blocks...then I sketched it out with the sashing and sizes of each block. We both liked the plan! It was a little difficult getting some of the longer middle fabrics from my scraps, but all in all it didn't take to long to get one of the 12 - 12.5x12.5 unfinished blocks together!

 The wind picked up a little whil…

Season's Wall Hanging...

Sometime early this year (I think), I bought a beautiful panel that depicted the four seasons with birds on it...ok, well, I actually ordered two at the same time so I'd have an extra :) because I didn't find anything else remotely close to what I wanted or liked!

Well, I finally had a perfect project for one of the panels...a Wall Hanging for our Pastor and his wife.
It was a gift for their last Sunday as the Pastor of our church... God has redirected them to Michigan.

His last Sermon text was Ecclesiastes 3:1-11... which was the text I had wanted to embroider on the small white border, but I was having issues with my machine spacing the letters correctly...ugh! So, I was not able to get the wording done before presenting it to them.
I brought it back home with me to try again, but still had issue with the text. Finally, I did get Ecclesiastes 3:1 on! I'm not sure what the issue was. I guess it was the combinations of materials and thread, because a few days later I was a…

Recent Projects 2...

During the last part of September I worked on a small stack of projects...the first two I shared are here.

The next couple are a Kindle/book Clutch and a Pocket Verse Pack...

The Clutch is a little large for just a Kindle...but it makes it more useful for a regular book...I even think that the recipients Bible would fit in it :)

She really liked :)

Then...something for a teenage boy? I had recently made Chad a Pocket Verse Pack, so we thought that it would be a good gift for this young man...
The outside has a slot for the verse being currently worked on...then the inside holds more cards to switch to.
Some cards were given with printed verses on them, and other were left blank for him to fill in the verses he wants. He seemed to really like it :) which made me happy because men...let alone teenage boys... are hard to think of homemade gifts for!

Next time I'll show a Season's wall hanging, then a great lap quilt... I just love how it turned out!

From the end of the earth will …

Autumn Views...

Welcome to almost the last day of the Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop hosted by Madam Samm and Cherry, our hop cheerleader.
As of the first day of the hop, I had an idea for my block but had not started making it yet...and as blog hops are to do, I was inspired by one of the other blocks :) 
So, my original plan was altered (and changed) to make room for my favorite fall poem to be added. About the only thing that remained from the original idea is the small patchwork square borders on the top and bottom...however, even throughout this design, they were suppose to go the whole way around...but I messed up my measurements - again! They are going to start telling me 'no' when I want to join a hop because I can never seem to get an accurate block of 10.5 or 12.5! :)

I actually did some fussy cutting for the leaves to show the "Autumn Views" (as I'll name this block) of this great material I got at JoAnn's and appliqued them on.
 This wall hanging finished at 12 x 15 an…

Recently Finished Projects...

The past few weeks have been full of crafting, now I can show the projects :) Here are 2 of the 6 recent finishes...

The first was a rag doll.
I again used the general pattern from Beth's tutorial at Love Laugh Quilt. Liz liked this one and requested one for blue! [She has one from Christmas already :)]

I used one of the girls' to small sweatshirts for the body and a section of a skirt that I had started cutting up along time ago for the apron. The apron [skirt] material is a nice weight, but I could never find the right shirt to go with instead of hanging in the closet, it has become functional items!

Another project was a little purse & scarf set. I made them on the 'new' knitting looms. They are the first things I've made and am really enjoying the numerous ideas I'm having for what I could make with yarn and a loom :)
Liz also liked the scarf and also asked for one for blue! I told her to wait for Christmas :)
I really …

Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop Schedule...

The Leafs me happy blog hop started on Monday... here is the whole schedule for you to check out great fall inspiration through out the next week!

You'll notice that my day is on Tuesday the 9th...which is really good becasue even though I've had an idea and the fall material sitting on my table for weeks, I haven't started my block(s) yet...YIKES! I better get going on that!

Another way to check out the fun is on the Pinterest page... I'd love to still visit all the blogs, hope I can find the time!

I have a bunch of projects to share, so I think I'll share the first one sometime today!

Enjoy the fall festivities!

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