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A Win...

On Wednesday, I opened an email that said I was the winner of  the kit for the Fork-n-Spoon Tutorial...
My first thought was "won what, is this real?" ...but I'm blaming my temporary lapse of coherence to the cold I was fighting, which was making me quite fatigue earlier this week... A second read through the email and had an "Oh yeah, that giveaway...Cool!" moment and got exited :)
Then today... A beautiful package came in the mail for me! The giveaway win from Cherry over at Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio... Thank you, Cherry!!!!

It was packaged so nice and a sweet card to go with it!
I'm oohing and awing over the contents... an adorable charm pack of Chrysalis, a yard of beautiful cream fabric (I think it might be linen) and a matching 1/4 yard of the orange Chrysalis fabric. 
Again, BEAUTIFUL! :)

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I …

Mini Friendship Quilts...

Liz and I are reading through an American Girl book, Happy Birthday, Kirsten (which is difficult on sister's name is that's what I want to say) and they were starting to make a Friendship Quilt. I decided Liz and I would make a tiny quilt for in her lap-book that goes with the story...however, this turned into an even bigger project :)

6 - 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 Mini 9-Patch Friendship Quilts for the girls in our Glow Kids class at church (and Liz)...

We'll still have to make a tiny quilt for in the lap-book :)
But these have been my working project since Saturday morning...Friday night the sleepiness overtook me!

Oh and here is our late April snow that came on Monday and melted on Tuesday...

It has been a while since I gave a WIP Update...
so here goes!

Liz's Sashed Postage Stamp Quilt is finally complete (see here for the complete post) and she has been happily sleeping under it since it's been finished.

I have fabric and a plan for a new quilt that I…

A Couple of Bags...

So, it's Friday again :) and I only have one project worked on for the week... a couple of small bags for Bibles.

I made them on Tuesday. I used my Simple bag pattern/tutorial just adjusted the measurements down for a standard Bible and pamphlet sized devotional book fit in them. They were so easy and fast...wonderful to feel like something crafty was accomplished!

Yesterday, I had some time I could have used for sewing but ended up rearranging furniture which provided me with a wider sewing area :) Definitely going to enjoy that!

After linking to some great linky parties, including Finish it up Friday at Amanda Jean's, I'm going to go be crafty :) ...if sleepiness doesn't overtake me!

A friend loveth at all times...
Proverbs 17:17a


To my first quilt, for Amber, to enter in the Festival of Half Square Trianglesover at Canoe Ridge Creations.

We'll remember that I finish this in early it makes it in under the 6 month cut-off for being able to submit :) yeah!

Quilt Stats:
Size - 52" x 68"
Design - altered Warm/Cool Quilt Along Design
Fabric - 2 Fresh Flowers charm packs by Deb Strain for Moda
             color coordinated fabrics from Jo Ann's
             white from stash material
Binding - 1933 Poinsettia by Jackie Robinson and Maywood Studio
Quilting - machine quilted by me

Thank you so much for sharing the joy of my first finished quilt...
 and I'm getting ready to start a quilt full of half-square triangles...but it definitely won't be done to enter in this festival :) The fabrics for the new quilt are great, I can't wait to get started...

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Liz's Sashed Postage Stamp Quilt...

Finally DONE!!! I took my sewing time this week and quilted Liz's quilt.
I finished it this evening and we went out to take pictures...

Her Christmas gift is now complete, 4 months later... but she was still very excited! The quilting is echoing diamonds in each 16-block square. The center diamond moves around in the blocks per color of thread used for the quilting. 
The evening air was chilly, so, Liz is shivering...I was too!
The back.
Great colors!
{Edit to add the quilt stats...forgot those, opps!}
Quilt Stats: Size - 53" x 72" Design - Sashed Postage Stamp Fabric - yardage from JoAnn's              some scraps from a Moda jelly roll              some scraps from the 1933 Poinsettia by Jackie Robinson                           and Maywood Studio used in Amber's quilt              other miscellaneous scraps from my stash... Binding - yardage from JoAnn's Quilting - machine quilted by me
She LOVES it!!!!!!!
I love this picture with Liz wrapped in the …

Laptop Case...

This project has been a couple weeks in the making...and is happily, finally done!

My wonderful husband decided to get himself a small laptop (his splurge from our ITRs...). Although he has a nice satchel briefcase to put it in when he needs to take it with him, the laptop needed something to be housed in while at home. I decided I could make it a case...

Chad helped pick materials from my stash...which doesn't include extreamely masculine fabric, but we did find some. And with the all over stippling, it looks kind of like camouflage material :)
He wanted it to be a zipper pouch...makes it smaller than if it was a fold over flap. I sacrificed my fear of zippers to try and accomplish this for him. I think this only the second zipper I've ever put in... probably why it took a week to design and start working on :)
But it all came together well! The divider was the easiest part to make...and fun with the stitching, however, it is in the pouch slightly crooked - oh well!
He likes …


Time to sew...and post about it...does present itself!
On Saturday, I was able to finally feel like I got some sewing done. I made Liz a bath robe. I loosely followed a tutorial about making a robe from a bath/beach towel. I used a yard of fleece instead! Liz had picked this fleece out at JoAnn's sometime last year...and I grab the yellow out of the remnants bin to match! The first time I tried photos, she didn't really cooperate... These are the second time around, and she had more fun with it!

 I put the ties into the side seams and after it was all made, it wouldn't stay on her shoulders because I got it a little to big, so I added a snap at the top to help it stay on.
Just the monkey material made the robe seem a little short, so I added on a bottom yellow trim... now the robe is to her ankles :) It is a little big for her, but this way she'll be in it a long time and its almost like wearing a blanket - which is what the material was suppose to be! It turned out t…