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Scallop Quilt Top...

Last week in Curves Class with Rachel from Stitched in Color we began working on precise curves. The projects included the DP blocks, a Scallop Quilt, and an Orange Peel Pillow. We are not required to do every project each week, but I did all three of these...they were just so great!

I did the DP blocks to get comfortable with precise curves and because my wonderful husband got me the template from here for Christmas...which I love :) I showed my DP blocks on last Wednesday's post if you want to see them.

Wednesday's class was a greatly anticipated class...the Scallop Quilt! I bought my fabric for this quilt in mid-January with Christmas money, and couldn't wait to get started on it!

Here is a close-up of the main fabrics in the scallops...
The original pattern was for a baby sized quilt. Well, around here, we like larger I added two extra scallops, some inches to the width, and then some borders.  So now it's about the size of a twin quilt.
It's be…

Another Singing Sunday...

because music speaks to us... and I just LOVE this song!

The Gossett Trio singing at Ripley Baptist Temple did a wonderful job on the song, but it does take the video a few stops during playing to load, ...but so worth it!

I Have Been Blessed

Verse 1:
When He moves among us all that He does
all of His mercy and all of His love
if the pen of the writer could write everyday
even this world could never contain
how I've been blessed

The warmth in winter the flowers in spring
the laughter of summer and the changing of leaves
the food on my table a good place to sleep
clothes on my back shoes on my feet
I have been blessed

I have been blessed God's so good to me
precious are His thoughts of you and me
no way I could count them there's not enough time
so I'll just thank Him for being so kind
God has been good so good
I have been blessed

Verse 2:
Arms that will raise a voice that can talk
hands that can touch and legs that can walk
ears that can lis…

An Early WIP...

Wow! a Tuesday night early Wednesday morning Wednesday update...probably one of the very few :) I usually do mine on Wednesday afternoon! Will link up with Lee from Freshly Pieced later today.

It's been a busy sewing week. I think the Curves class has added to that, but enjoyably so, well mostly enjoyable!

Thursday, and part of Friday, I worked on the Clamshell Table Runner. That was fun!

Then for the next three days, I worked on the Improv curves project that involved a tree - not a great success, but Chad didn't mind it. I told him I might just finish it for him to hang in his office :)
I like the tree...not so sure about the hills :)

Since that project was done, I decided on Monday I wanted something, easy, less pressured...I'm not sure what to call the feeling, but it made me start a quilt that I had the idea for and designed on the computer in MAY 2011! I've even had the fabric since was easier to not use it in other p…

FNSI Tree...

So, last nights Friday Night Sew-In was rather sporadic. I did get the table runner done earlier in the day and post yesterday afternoon...but from there, my sewing time seem to escape me, but not because of me :)

The plan was to have a quick dinner then sew up my O Christmas Tree mini quilt for Curves Class. The quick dinner did happen and we played two quick hands of No Thanks! A new card game we got during our trip last weekend. We were done and cleaned up by 6 pm....yeah, I thought, I can sew all evening - DIDN'T happen!

I did start pulling out green scraps for the tree, then Chad had problems with the printer, so I had to find out what was wrong there...needed new ink, then the new cartridge didn't work, so now I have to call Clickinks and get a replacement! I did have another new one that worked, so Chad got what he needed, but it still an annoyance when we have a defunct cartridge in our order!

Moving along in the evening, I did a little more fabric choosing...then a cr…

Clamshell Runner...

Today's finish is actually one of last weeks projects for Curves Class with Rachel from Stitched in Color. I'm really enjoying the class...but am slightly behind on doing all the projects - but the beauty of the class is that we don't have to do all the projects! However, all the projects are so I think I'm going to work on the ones I don't get done during class after the class is over.

Back to this weeks finish of last weeks project...

The project was a Clamshell pillow. Well, at this stage in my families life, decorative pillows are not really a priority :) So, I was going to make this pattern into a book clutch to give as a gift. However, once the FMQing that I chose was done, I decide the receipient would like it a table runner!
The Quilting in the cream material is sections of Psalm 1. I haven't FMQed in a while, but this turned out nice...I think the tension being fixed just after Christmas helped it turn out nicer!
I practiced on a…

A Full Wednesday Report...

It's that time in the week to gauge our progress in our sewing...WIP Wednesday with Lee from Freshly Pieced. Although I haven't been blogging this past week, I have been sewing...and we were also away for the weekend :)

Last week was the first sewing week for our Curves Class with Rachel from Stitched in Color. I chose the bib project so Amber would have a few new bibs for the weekend...they turned out cute!
The other project from last week that I wanted to work on did not get very far...due to our going away and having a major migraine on Thursday...
So, this is all the farther my clamshell project is...
Planning on working on this some today.
Yesterday, Valentine's Day, Liz and I worked on a few yarn hearts. And I did yesterday's class work, Improv Notecards...

For most Valentine's days, Chad and I go to our church's Valentine's Banquet. Well, this year before going to the restaurant, we stopped at the LQS so I could pick out a free FQ I received for par…

No Real News...

Nothing of major substance seems to be of good topic for a post...but I thought I'd write a post anyway :)

Yesterday was rather productive...I finally just got to it and made a cover for the stool I recently started using at my sewing machine.

My grandma acquired this stool when she (and my grandpa) bought their last house in the mid-90's. When my grandma moved from that house in 2008, she stayed with us for a little while...and I got the stool. I have always liked this stool even with it always looking like this...
For a few years, we kept it in the kitchen and used it there... I always meant to make a black and red cover for it to match the kitchen, but never did. More recently it has been just sitting in the hall, not being used.

About a week or two ago I decide to try it at my sewing other chair was seeming really low. I like the height [for now :) ] makes for moving from the machine to the table and ironing board easier.

So yesterday, I looked at the st…

New Bible Case...

A new Bible case for my new Bible is completed! Yeah! The new Bible came the day after my birthday, but last weekend was a little busy, so I wasn't able to get started on the case till this glad to get it done for this Sunday! And I'm able to finish it today for Finish it up Friday with Amanda Jean at crazy mom quilts.

My first dilemma was what design to make on the outside...I finally chose the Carpenter Wheel (Star) block. I also decided on a tan, pink, red combination of materials.
When I was first squaring my HST, I miss judged and one of them was a little off, but I used it anyway...but without realizing it - it ended up rather noticeable in the top left diamond.

Here is the flap side of the case...
Chad helped me decide on where to put the extra strip of material and how to quilt the how it turned out!
Here is the inside. Above the pocket for my Bible and notebook is a small pocket for colored pencils to highlight with... This is a picture of the e…

A WIP Report...

Hard to believe that for the first 25 days of the year I was able to keep up on a blog post a day...I guess, I've just kind of taken a short break :) but to get back to 'normal', here is this weeks Work In Progress Wednesday... with Lee from Freshly

New Project...
New Bible Case. This is just one-half of the Carpenter Wheel block that I'm using as the main section of my Bible Case. The HST are sewn together, but they still need to be sewn into rows.
I also need to make the HST for the other half of the block. At first, I was going to just use it like half a block - but I'm really, really liking the color flow and I'm going to make a whole block and go from there.

I love this block...probably why I like the Swoon block so well too! However, I'm not sure on the best way to quilt this block, any suggestions?

By Friday, I'd like to be finishing up the Bible case and starting work on the favors for our church's V…