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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pieces Come Together Quilt...

This is the last of the September projects that I haven't shared yet... the quilt!
Some may remember this...
Well, today I'm finally posting about it, so, you get to see it in good lighting and finished!

This was my first truly scrappy coordinating or matching going on. Definitely a major departure for me. I'm a highly coordinate person - the family's church outfits usually coordinate every Sunday :) I'll have to go back to just Chad's and mine once the girls want to start picking out their own clothes!

But back to the quilt...
I LOVE the way it turned out! I see more scrap quilts in my future...
Chad came up with the design of the big blocks...then I sketched it out with the sashing and sizes of each block. We both liked the plan! It was a little difficult getting some of the longer middle fabrics from my scraps, but all in all it didn't take to long to get one of the 12 - 12.5x12.5 unfinished blocks together!

 The wind picked up a little while I was taking pictures...

And in the one of the back the neighbor saw I was taking pictures and waved :) ...
The backing, white sashing (which has little tonal *'s on it...went great with the pattern of the quilt), and binding was the fabric I did buy for this project. For the backing, I wanted something in the color I knew the young lady receiving the quilt liked. The binding was chosen to bring all the colors together...
It was wonderful giving this to a precious young lady...I believe she'll love it and snuggle up in it on the even colder (than here) winter days & nights in the area that she is moving too!

Quilt Stats:
Design: Chad
Size: Crib size batting...nice lap size for young teenage girl
         (again, I forgot to measure finished but is roughly 42"x54")
Fabric: Scraps
Backing & Binding: Keepsake Calico's from JoAnn's
Quilted: by me :)

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
Isaiah 55:8

Although this is the verse I shared when I first showed this project, I wanted to share it is as true today (and everyday) as it was last month. 

And part of the note that went with the quilt went something like this, '... remember, just as this quilt is made up of many different pieces of material, so our lives are shaped by moments of time. God works in our lives everyday and brings those piece together to make a shining example to glorify Him. Follow Him always and your life will turn into a beautiful quilt of moments.'

I believe this is something we all need to remember as things happen in our lives...and to always remember that God is in Control!

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  1. This is such a nice finish, Amanda. I like your photo setting, with the quilt waving and the friendly neighbor waving, too! Thanks for the inspiration ~


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