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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fabric Shopping Online...

Just got easier!
Today I have a different kind of post...a review of a new quilt fabric search engine. It is called Find My
It has a very inviting home page and is easy to maneuver through. So for the past week or so, I've been periodically checking out different features on the site, and the concept is so great. You type in a fabric you are looking for...and up comes a bunch of fabric that fits that category.

The first thing I typed in was an actual fabric line from Moda - Grand Finale (one of my favorites and seems to becoming a little harder to find...) and it brought up 48 results! I continued with other searches, like paisley  purple flowers, etc... and was pleased with the selection.

I really liked the pop-up window you get when you select a product. It shows the product, what store it is from, the price, etc... and then when you click the Go to product page link under the price, it opens in a new window! Yeah! I love that! I hate when I'm looking through a list of things, pick something, and it opens in that window...what if I wasn't done with the previous page? :) Then I have to use the browser back button...and things just get messy. (Cause you know I don't always remember to hold the CTRL button on the keyboard to open a new window when clicking on a link!)

I really liked trying out the picture matching feature. You can upload a picture and it generates a selection of fabrics that coordinate with the picture. First, I uploaded a scanned-in colored pencil drawing and it produce great results. Then I did this not so color true picture (on purpose) of some fabric...

it produce results that really matched the muted coloring of the picture...and they were some great looking fabrics... but they wouldn't have matched the actual fabric in the picture. Definitely follow the picture guidelines to get the truest results of this great feature. I'd love to just sit and play with this feature if I had some free time :)

And then for the fun of it, I put in this picture of one of my girls... (this is not a recent picture!)
It returned with some picture of dolls in a similar setting :), some quilt patterns, a couple of fabric panels, and this fabric with dark background and big flowers. It's so cute that it really does look like the picture!
They show one page of results and have an link option at the bottom to broaden your search.

I did find a few minor things I would suggest...
One thing would be a button (or something easy like that) for people to inform the search engine that a link is not working properly or the product is not longer available. I found this mostly with Sweetwater's Sunkissed fabric which is another favorite fabric line (and also hard to find).

The other thing that I notice was the fabric prices... some are a little on the higher end - well, at least to me! I don't have extra money to spend on fabric very often so when I do, I want as much as possible for the amount I'm spending :) but then again who wouldn't? I even tried searching for clearance fabric...which said that there were 130 results, but nothing showed up...hmm.

Perhaps the administrators of the engine will be able to offer a wider range of prices as they contact more stores to partner with them...which by the way, you can do if you have a shop and want to get your listings out more, you can Submit Your Site!

But back to the fun search results...
I decided to look up some supplies to see what kinds of things were offered there...I found that they are covering a wide crafting selection. They had some yarn, patterns, quilt kits, rotary blades, huge selection of rulers, magazines, and even some online class listings (more of these would be nice to see)! And these were only the things I typed in...imagine all the other things you are searching for!!!!!!!!!!

I love the concept of this search engine, it works great and is quick to produce the results. If you are looking for a faster way to get the craft supplies you are looking for, this is definitely the search engine for you! Try it out

Happy Shopping!

Sometimes I am asked to review services that would benefit my audience.  Although this post is my opinion of Find My Fabric, I do need to disclose that I am compensated for this review.

* According to FTC regulations, if you are getting paid to post something on a blog you are required to disclose this information to your readers.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just found this site and am considering joining to list my fabrics. Since I have just started I have been open to learning how people search for fabric. Your blog came up #2 in my google search!


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