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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GPS Storage Bag...

We don't travel much and when we do, it's usually only a couple of hours away or less to other churches for special, we don't own a GPS of our own, we use my in-laws :)

We pass it off back and forth as needed. It had been in a ziploc bag to keep it with it's cord...which was functional, but I always thought that I should really make it a nice little bag. Well, after a few years, I FINALLY made it a cute new home!
I used a layer of batting in it to make it sturdy and protective.

Added snaps to both sides to keep it closed.

And some nice straps so it is easy to throw over our wrist to carry out to the car...because, like most, we are usually carrying out a bunch of stuff to the car when we are getting ready to leave!

It was a quick project...that I should have done a while ago :) but I'm glad the GPS now has it's new home!

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

This was in my reading lately and is something that we needed to continue to remember when we look around and things seem so out of control. "Let go and let God" is also a great phrase on how we need to turn things over to God and let Him do His working in our lives.


  1. What a nice bag! That should make passing it around a lot easier.
    Yes, it's hard to give over that control, isn't it? We want to help God along sometimes instead of letting him help us!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos of your cute little bag! I am sure your GPS is very happy with its new home.


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