Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Lattice Quilt...

Friday, I was able to finish the Blue Lattice Quilt! I really like the way it turned out and the recipient, my Secret Sister at church, loved it too...especially the blue ;)

 Once I had half of the HST trimmed, I started sewing big blocks of the top together. It was rather random...just made sure that there were 4 triangles of each color (obviously not the blue) in each big block... and then checking that when the big blocks came together, there was one of each color in the diamond! That's probably as random as I get... in the back of my mind I still would like to try a completely random, let go of myself kind of quilt, but that may be a while down the road! [Note: it happen sooner than expected...the very next quilt I started is all scraps randomly placed! So much for waiting :)]
While taking pictures, the girls decided it was a good item to run around :) and the wind picked up just as I tried for the first picture of the back...

I did a simple wave stitch around the edges of the blue sections... It went really well, and I love the way it transferred the pattern to the plain red backing!

One last look at the Blue Lattice quilt...
Design: seen on Pinterest, tutorial help from Quilt Story
Size: generous lap quilt (forgot to measure finished but is roughly 58"x67")
Fabric: Keepsake Calico's from JoAnn's
Quilted: by me :)

I love a finished quilt!

Adding to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story!

For mine eyes are upon all their ways:
they are not hid from my face, 
neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes.
Jeremiah 16:17

Today is September 11... 11 years ago a terrible tragedy struck our nation (the USA) and everyone felt at least slightly effected by it. At that time I remember all the God Bless America stickers turning up on cars and signs in peoples yards...it seemed as though the nation may have started to realize the need to return to God. However, things in the nation still leave a little to be desired... and so, we as Christians need to be praying for God to help our nation see the issues that have turned our nation from Him and ask His forgiveness and return to a God fearing nation to prevent worse calamities than what happened in 2001.


  1. I really like the quilting you did as you mentioned above---it gives it a nice lacy look:)

    The barn reminds me of WI where I grew up sweet!

  2. This quilt came out great! I really like the semi-random look.

  3. Wonderful looking quilt, thanks so much for sharing!


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