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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hand-quilting Case...

Last year I started hand-quilting a table topper... it is still in process, but now it has a new storage case! Also, last year, I got a small case at our church garage sale that has been working well and was a really nice size...except the project outgrew the box!

At this year's garage sale I found another case...a small, old, hard-sided suitcase. However, the inside needed a little updating.
 I haven't done anything with the outside of the case...which for now, is fine for me :)
I already ripped out the side lining before snapping this picture... it wasn't in bad shape, just old and not my style!

I had a few choices picked out...
Asked Chad his opinion...we went with the green and tan!

I used ModPodge as a glue to put the Cream tweed fabric (which are actually place mats) to the bottom and top of the case, then hot glued the outer edge to secure it more. I then hemmed strips of material for the sides, and also ModPodged and hot glued them in.
Before attaching the top section, I added some pockets, and elastic pencil/seam ripper holder, and a large pin cushion to it.
It's much more roomy for the supplies...which look a little lost, but I will be adding batting, backing, and a quilting hoop - hopefully very soon! However, the extra room also makes the case a little bit larger for transporting! I am planning on making a small matching pouch for the threads to keep them all together and not banging around in the case so much.

I have a BIG, and I mean BIG! project about to begin...probably a little later today :) and I very excited about how it will be when it is all done (the process may not be so much fun though!). 

We are going to rearrange most of the house! :) 

Currently, my sewing area takes up about half of mine and Chad's bedroom...which is kind of dark - and I'm ready to lighten things up a I'm moving to the living room! Not only that, but we have some other furniture we are moving around and some to get rid of! The girls just got their bunk bed put up, so there is a little work to be done in there room, too! I hope to have this done by next week at this time so that other projects can be started...especially with school for Liz needing to start soon, too....I'd better get to ordering her some books and pick a definite start date :)

I'll share pictures of my new sewing/office area soon!

Check out the Linky Parties on the left side bar...joining a new one this week - TNT at Happy Quilting since this case was a stretch for me...I wan't sure at first how to attach the fabric to the case and keep it flat and tight to the edges!

To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every purpose under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Seasons will start changing here in about a month...and I'll love it! Fall is my favorite season, even thinking of putting out the fall decorations as we clean and rearrange the house!

But not only are the seasons outside going to go through a change, but so are the seasons of our girls changing...Amber is potty training and Liz is about to start school. This is rough season for me...I have to teach them, and I'm not good at teaching kids this age! I'm much better with older kids!

This, however, is a season we must go through, and God will help us! And I pray for His help...that all of us to grow well through this season and learn what we need to so that we can have the knowledge we need to get through later seasons to come!


  1. What a great idea for those cases! I had a daughter home for the summer and she helped me clean out the attic...three generations of stuff up there! Tossed more than I kept, but I did keep two hard sided cases :) Just might have to think this through....thanks!

  2. I love how you have redone the case. So adorable!!!


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