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Monday, June 4, 2012

Change of Mind...

Last year about this time I came up with a quilt design that I drew out on the computer and had the material all picked out for it...
But it kept getting pushed aside... and pushed aside... and pushed aside... well, you get the idea!

However, about two months ago (I think) I made one of the blocks.

In this modified Log Cabin block, I had a few problem areas. The one block helped me see where my errors were and I reconfigured a couple of small things....and then it got pushed aside, AGAIN!
Well, Saturday night I pulled the pattern out again and decided that the problem area I have to work with is just to much for me right now!

So, I think that this beautiful pile of flannel needs to become a quilt soon...just in a different pattern!

Changing your mind is a woman's prerogative, right? :)

So, on to picking out a different pattern...
which I think I found this morning sketched out on graph paper under the Log Cabin pattern papers.

It has stars and diamonds :)
I was thinking about making the diamonds as 9-patch...what do you think?

UPDATE: Here it is with some colors added...
Still thinking about what to do with the Diamond sections.

...I could get some HST's going...
I think there could be a bunch of possibilities with this one. Any suggestions?
Also, I have to make sure that this pattern is alright with the husband!

I'll probably include this post on the WIP Wednesday, with Lee at Freshly Pieced, when the link becomes available!

So they sat down with him upon the ground 
seven days and seven nights,
 and none spake a word unto him: 
for they saw that his grief was great.
Job 2:13

Sometimes there are occasions when our friends go through a particular rough spot in life and we may not know what exactly to say to them. Here in Job, just after he lost everything, his friends came and comforted with just their presence. Are we willing to just be there for our friends, even we we don't know what to say?

Sometimes not saying anything is better, 'cause as we follow the rest of Job's story we find that once the friends started talking, they weren't much help! Be there for your friends and ask God for guidance in what to say!


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