Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sewing Machine Review...

I've been busy...just not taken the time yet to write up posts.

But today I'll give you a quick review...
-- a sewing machine review...
letting you know what I think of my now 2 month old Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.
I quilted Liz's quilt...which is a generous lap/small single bed quilt...and it went very well.
It doesn't have a huge throat space, but I noticed a difference between it and my old's bigger to me :)

The selection of stitches is amazing and fun to play with... I used some on bibs made not long after I got the machine.

I still have tension issues...but I'm thinking that its the user :) I need to learn the best settings per stitch -- like when using elastic thread in the bobbin and silky material...use 18!

I'm still loving the thread much less thread waste!
It does better with thick sections.
Love the stitch-in-the-ditch foot that came with the quilting package I got with the machine! [PS...this is on sale for even less than I got it for :)]
The bias tape binding foot is pretty neat too!

Over all I like the machine...a good machine at a good value!

A more expensive machine may still be better, but when money still hasn't begun to grow on trees...we all have to make the money we do have count :)

It is the LORD:
let Him do what seemeth Him good.
1 Samuel 3:18b


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  1. Enjoy your new machine! I wish they could come up with a machine that didn't have tension issues, but they all do! Even the expensive ones have to be adjusted.


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