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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Win...

On Wednesday, I opened an email that said I was the winner of  the kit for the Fork-n-Spoon Tutorial...

My first thought was "won what, is this real?" ...but I'm blaming my temporary lapse of coherence to the cold I was fighting, which was making me quite fatigue earlier this week... A second read through the email and had an "Oh yeah, that giveaway...Cool!" moment and got exited :)

Then today...
A beautiful package came in the mail for me! The giveaway win from Cherry over at Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio... Thank you, Cherry!!!!

It was packaged so nice and a sweet card to go with it!

I'm oohing and awing over the contents... an adorable charm pack of Chrysalis, a yard of beautiful cream fabric (I think it might be linen) and a matching 1/4 yard of the orange Chrysalis fabric. 

Again, BEAUTIFUL! :)

Jesus answered and said unto him,
Because I said unto thee,
I saw thee under the fig tree, 
believest thou?
thou shalt see greater things than these.
John 1:50

I read this in my Bible reading on Thursday and this made me think about faith. Just a small amount of 'beginning' faith in Jesus can produce great things. If we have faith, even just a little, God can work through us and show us many more wonders. I believe that this also will help to grow our faith...and then in turn shows us even greater thing that God can do.

Faith as a mustard seed...

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