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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Time to sew...and post about it...does present itself!

On Saturday, I was able to finally feel like I got some sewing done. I made Liz a bath robe. I loosely followed a tutorial about making a robe from a bath/beach towel. I used a yard of fleece instead!
Liz had picked this fleece out at JoAnn's sometime last year...and I grab the yellow out of the remnants bin to match! The first time I tried photos, she didn't really cooperate... These are the second time around, and she had more fun with it!

 I put the ties into the side seams and after it was all made, it wouldn't stay on her shoulders because I got it a little to big, so I added a snap at the top to help it stay on.
Just the monkey material made the robe seem a little short, so I added on a bottom yellow trim... now the robe is to her ankles :) It is a little big for her, but this way she'll be in it a long time and its almost like wearing a blanket - which is what the material was suppose to be! It turned out to be very similar to a Snuggie.

Also on Saturday I was able to make myself a new circle...very twirly...skirt! I love the fullness! I used this tutorial...however, I again did my own thing :) I didn't have the large Elastic for the waist, so I made a casing and added a drawstring. I had hemming issues and so, ended up putting bias tape around the bottom...

And I LOVE how it turned out....and oh so comfy!!!!

I've been working on a project this week that I hope to have done for tomorrow's Finish it up I need to go sew!

However, I did get slightly side tracked by this fun word art 'thing' just before writing this post. Miss Snoodles from Lily Pad Quilting shared the link on her post today...and I went to have some fun with it. I tried to make it quick fun while the little one was having her afternoon bottle. This is the cute flower I decided on for now...

and eventually I may make a few more of these...I just haven't decided exactly what to do with them yet :)

Hope you are having a great week! If you are in need of some crafty inspiration, check out the linky parties listed on the right side bar!

When Jesus therefore 
had received the vinegar, he said,
It is finished:
and he bowed his head, 
and gave up the ghost.
John 19:30

This week that leads up to Resurrection Sunday (Easter) could be considered a bitter sweet one when we look at the event that happened to lead us to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday (Easter). 

Jesus was hailed and praised on Palm Sunday...
betrayed-accused-beaten-and-crucified on Wednesday... 
He was hung on a cross to die. 
He willingly sacrificed himself to pay the sin debt for us. 
He finished the need for sacrificing animals...
He was the ultimate Lamb...
then He spent 3 days in a tomb...

If you want to know more about why Christ died for us, please read the left side bar of my blog or feel free to write me...I'll be happy to talk to you about it!


  1. Good job! What a wonderful mother you are. I know she will love her robe! The skirt is lovely too!
    Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

  2. Love that bath robe! Thanks for linking up to the Creative Genius Link Party @ the Creative Paige!


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