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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tulip Pincushion...

It's Finish it up Friday and Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts is again hosting the great link party...and I always like trying to do something to be able to post. Today I was thinking about trying to finish up a quilt top (~40"x40") that will eventually hang on the wall of my sewing area. It is the last quilt project for my Curves class, which finished up this week. However...I started to realize that I probably wouldn't get the top done in time today, so I made a pincushion for the new flower pins I bought along with my new sewing machine.

I'll have to let you know more about my new sewing machine once I get more time to play with it...but for now you must know it is sooooo quiet - I LOVE it - and the thread cutter...ooohhhhh, how have I ever lived without it!

But today I did make a pincushion...a nice tulip one to go with my flower pins.

When I first saw this tutorial by Angela at Cut to Pieces, I knew I wanted to make one and which cookie cutter I had to use...I went right to the kitchen and brought it back to the sewing room :) I'm almost certain that I never made cookies with it, and I'm not to fond of making cut out cookies (probably 'cause I made so many when I was in my teens...) so, I knew that as a pincushion it would get more use!

I almost followed directions...but the joy that come from most crafts...the freedom to improvise!

I didn't have the crushed walnut shells or the fun I used steel wool for the filling and cardboard and some non-slip drawer lining for my bottom.
I think it turned out cute and I love when a craft project is started and finished during the little ones nap time!

Time to go make some taco dip...

And it came to pass, that, as they went in the way, 
a certain man said unto him,
Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.
Luke 9:57

Always a introspective verse...would I be able to say that and mean it wholeheartedly? Would you?

...'whithersoever' Lord...

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