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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picnic Quilt...

With the beautiful weather we had over the past two week, I had a thought, that a non-time consuming, big blocked quilt would be great for picnics and for snuggling in (on) on the back porch...
So, this quilt came into existence over a period of two days! 
On Thursday morning, I had this pile of different material gathered from around the house :)
- some are old dresses/skirts...
- some are left over flannel pieces...
- some are scraps...
- the back is an old sheet...
- and the batting is an old blanket...the big yellow thing at the bottom of this pile:
I decided that a quick turn quilt would make this an even faster finish...but that caused a few issues and I now think that I'd rather stick to binding!
However, that would have taken more time and we wouldn't have been able to take the Picnic Quilt out on the picnic we had on Friday....which was the last really nice day we've had!
The issue came after I turned the quilt and sewed around the outside...see the pucker at the bottom (in the green plaid)... I'm not sure if is the way I sewed it or if it's because the batting is so thick. I also started to quilt down one section, but stopped before I got all the way across because it was puckering very bad. I decided to stop ...and if it needs tacked together I'll just do some simple x's where the boxes meet.

But, we had a picnic to go on...
so, it was left 'unquilted'... I still really like the it!
It turned out how I wanted [well, except the puckers :)]...big and thick!
Also, it is made for outdoor use so I won't feel so horrified if it gets dirty or stained...well, actually, it was made with stains already there! The backing sheet had a couple and a couple of the clothing pieces....

and We had a great picnic...

And if you look behind the monstrous quilt and playground equipment, you'll see a brick building that was my elementary school [one class room per grade and we had a gym-cafe-atorium :)]...
I played on this play ground from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Well, it was not this particular equipment...the slides and jungle gym were updated after I left. However, a few years ago the school was closed and has recently been we'll see what happens - it does have to remain a school... from what I've heard throughout my life :)

So the beautiful weather on Friday, turned to rain and cold on Saturday...but we went out to two of the local Maple Syrup farms with our church to give Liz a small idea about maple syrup (we also read the chapter on making maple sugar in Little House in the Big Woods on Friday...)
At Hurry Hill Farms, they have a great museum, where the girls did a couple of crafts...and Liz got to 'tap' a tree. She was being shy about it, so the guy helping her did most of it :)
How was your weekend?

I'll be sharing my quick Picnic Quilt about at some linky sure to check a few out from my right side bar :)

Ye shall walk after the Lord your God, 
and fear Him, and keep His commandments,
 and obey his voice, and ye shall serve Him, 
and cleave unto Him.
Deuteronomy 13:4

I've been saved since I was 5, yet this year is the first time that I am doing a 'read-thru-the-Bible' in a year program. I'll admit that right now, trying to get through Lev., Num., and Deut., was kind of hard, but I am reading some things that remind me that as a child of God, I have responsibilities in serving the Lord...with all my heart - in everything I do!


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  1. These types of blankets are my most favorite, how fun! Thanks for sharing, and happy picnicing!



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