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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mug Rug and Coaster Set...

Today is the last day to join the Modern Mini Challenge at Ellison Lane Quilts... and I'm just going to make the deadline! I cut out tiny little 1.5 squares a couple of weeks ago while working on the Scallop Peel Quilt. They were going to become a Mini Granny Square Pillow to match the new quilt for my office chair.

Well, I decide that I should start sewing them while I wait for my new machine so I quilt the quilt :) They are adorable little squares when put together...but I've never worked with stuff quite that small...and I don't know that I want to make many more at that size :)

Once I had the first square together, I decided to put these into a smaller item for my desk. This is the result...
The mug rug is 9.5" x 7" and the coasters are 4.25" square.

I love the way they turned out...even the little flap on the mug rug - which has a story to it...I was trimming down the granny blocks and thought it be neat to leave the bunting looking edge on one I did. I even figured that the binding of that side would be tricky...and it was...but I proceeded.

However, when I was done, it looked least to me... and I debated on what to do. It didn't take long to decide to cut it off and bind it with some other fabric.
Oh, how nice it would be if symmetry was not a issue with me :)

However, that wasn't quite enough, so, I had to do something to make it seem a little different... I don't know why a flap, but I had the scallops left over from working in Curves Class and went with I have a neat little spot for my pen and pencil to rest on my desk! And 'soft' covers for the nice wooden coasters we received for Christmas.
A cute desk set to match my quilt and pillow when they get done!

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation 
hath appeared to all men.
Titus 2:11

God would have that all men be saved, but it is up to us to accept...but His grace is there for all. If you have never found the peace of trusting Jesus as your Saviour and would like to know more about the grace and mercy offered freely to you, please take time to read the left side bar of this blog or feel free to ask me more, I'd love to share with you about the salvation Jesus brings to our lives.


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  1. I had to take a look here as I thought you had made a pair of patchwork knickers...they made me offence meant...I think it was the angle of the photo in the Modern Mini Challenge!


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