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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23 - Ministry Monday...

The final stretch of The First 25 Days of 2012...and I'm going to spotlight Cherith Bible Institute today on Ministry Monday.

I found this correspondence school online in 2008 or 2009, and started taking their classes to get some more in depth Bible knowledge in a structured coarse. I enjoy the workbook set-up for the classes...however, I'm contemplating going to online because it is taking me an extremely long time to complete one workbook. The online class would give more concrete deadlines...but I guess I'll decide on that later!

For now, I'd like to introduce you to Cherith Bible Institute...

Who We Are

Cherith Bible Institute is a correspondence Bible training program offered throughout the world through the internet and mail. The Program is Baptistic in nature and reflects the doctrine and distinctives of Independent Baptist beliefs.

The course of study is a thirty unit Diploma of Biblical Studies program designed to help local church pastors, workers, missionaries, church planters, and Bible teachers. The program advances from basic Bible survey courses to selected subjects concerning personal and local church development.

Cherith Home Bible Institute provides a wealth of both theological and practical information contributed by a group of sound Bible preachers, teachers, and writers.

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This is a great way to increase your study and knowledge of the Bible...and it's Free!
(Donations are always accepted and there is a nominal fee...I think it's $ the end for the diploma.)

Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15

We can never study the Bible too much. Studying it helps us found our beliefs in the truth and keeps us from swaying when we may be tempted to drift.

Study more! [and as always, needing to take my own advice :)]

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