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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18 - Working Wednesday...

And boy, have I been working! Which makes today's post SUPER late...almost into tomorrow - YIKES...but I need to do one today to keep up on The First 25 Days of 2012!

My work has been steady over the past week, working on the bookkeepers I mentioned in last Wednesday's post...I completed a small collection of a variety of them, and I'm labeling them as different types of Quilted Book Saver Clutches... I also made another Simple Bag from my own tutorial, however, with some different structuring...but using the same basic design. I'm hoping to get most of these items posted to my Etsy store tomorrow. Also, hope to set up a link from here on the blog to the store, too.

But, now on to the pictures of my work...

This first one is a me, because it's the one I made for me! ;)

 Pretty star patchwork on the front, with great pinks and greens surrounding it....ooohhhh! Makes reading even more fun. I'm looking forward to making another on for my new Bible... a slight tea accident caused the hunt for a new Bible :)

Now for the Etsy products...
The Black and White Quilted Book Saver Clutch (Plain)
with a matching bookmark.

Next is a blue and green, subtle and earthy tones...
The Blue and Green Quilted Book Saver Clutch (Plain)
with a matching bookmark.

The following two items are what I was working on today...along with taking a lot of pictures and taking care of the girls :)

The Peach and Blue Quilted Book Saver Clutch (Ruffled)
with a matching bookmark.
This clutch turned out a little smaller that the other clutches...a little more square than rectangle.

And a matching bag...(however, they will be listed individually at the store)
The Simple Peach and Blue Ruffled Tote Bag. 

And last, but not least...
The Black and White Quilted Book Saver Clutch (Patchwork)
with a matching bookmark.

Hope you have enjoyed this showcase of merchandise! Again, you can see them in my store :) I'll also try to keep things posted on the Facebook page if anyone is interesed in following there.

I'll be sharing my accomplishments with a few of the great linky parties, too.

UPDATE: I'm also adding this to Finish it up Friday...because I got most of them done this week :) and a great task done for me...I finally got items stocked on Etsy!

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me,
for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;
1 Timothy 1:12

When I first read this verse tonight it made me think about being faithful, so that God can use us where He wants us, when He wants us there. But as I was typing it, it also struck me as a thankful verse just for the abilities God gives us. I am thankful for the ability to sew and the joy that comes with seeing it all come together.



  1. Your clutches of lovely - such nice piece work!!!
    Have a great week!

  2. Cute makes - such a neat idea


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