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Week in Review...

So, it's been almost a week since I last posted...and what a busy week! I've been cleaning, sewing, and I need to focus on some Science class lessons -- school starts for us on the 31st.

So on Saturday, I decided to move Amber into Liz's room and down grade the amount of toys they had out and made a toy corner for them in the "multi-purpose room" (aka. our bedroom)...

This disaster... Became a clean girl's room (without toys)...
I still have some decorating to do in there...the Farmland Bunting from VBS and some new curtains to go up, but it so nice to have them together. The once toy bins are now Amber's clothes and Amber's dresser (that's still in our room) has blankets/sheets in it.
The toys we kept out moved to the 'multi-purpose room," which also affected my sewing area, but it seems to be working good. The other toys went into later we can switch-out will be like getting new toys all the time :)
I lo…

College Bound...

Soon one of the young ladies from our church is heading to college, and so tonight we are having a College Shower for her. I decided to make her a pillow... I went with the Log Cabin pattern because her Grandmother gave her a quilt for college that was the Log cabin  I thought how nice to 'corrdinate'...only the quilt is all pink! I added in green for a little variety :)
The label for the back was a quick handmade one, because the one I printed off on my printer didn't work out...see the wall hanging post.
It's a little wonky and slightly hard to read...but I think it's alright for the most part...I was running short on time - the story of my life! The front is made with flannels and the back is a small corduroy...even with the wonky label, I like how the pillow turned out!

Also, for this young lady from her sister...a Message board! She came over to learn how to make one. We put it together in an afternoon...and it turned out very cute!
Some sewing, alot o…

Mini Boho Sweatshirt Dress...

This dress was inspired by a tutorial at Sweet Verbena for a Boho Maxi Dress...mine has some variation! Since it is different, I named it the Mini Boho Sweatshirt Dress...

Why? Because it is shorter, made of sweatshirt material instead of jersey, and has simple embroidery on it.
I also tailored it in so it didn't look so much like a sack and so it didn't need a belt like the original...but I got it a smigine tighter than I feel comfortable hope I can lose a few more pounds or I'll have to sell it on Etsy...and make another one for me!

I did go ahead and put it on for a picture... but now off to the Fair for this dress! I need to get everything ready to go...tomorrow night is the beginning of entering exhibits!
On another crafty note...I went to JoAnn's this week because they were having a good sale, and I got a 20% off entire purchase coupon's the loot: I was having major fall fabric attraction...and needed to buy some! The charm squares and F…

Quick Cover...

Things are gearing up for school and I wanted a smaller binder to carry back and forth... I had a nice 1/2 inch cranberry one...except it has print stains, making it look bad!
So, I decided to remedy the situation with some fabric (after I decide not to just buy a new one)...This was a fast project that took about an hour this morning and is ready to get filled with science lessons!
Now onto a crayon holder for Liz... well, at least before school starts!

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A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1
Sometimes I can be a grump... I need to remember that the girls see me more than anyone and I need to have a good name with them as well as others.
I love when just flipping through the Bible leads to the verse you need! Amanda

Work'S' in Progress...

Another WIP Wednesday is upon us...and I'm excited to have finished a project this week! The Patriotic Wall hanging is done! (Full post here...)

I have had some progress on the 60 degree Diamond Fall Table Topper...
Last week I worked on the Quiet book for Liz a little bit, but did not post for I'll show you what I did. I did the backgrounds for almost all the pages. Seven are finished...three backgrounds to go! (Quiet Book Sew-along @ Stolen Moments)

I'm excited to have this much done. On Saturday, I stopped at the craft store and got a felt pumpkin for the harvest page...for 25 cents! The only thing is that it might look more like the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown compared to the size of the page!
 I haven't touched the fabric baskets, but it would be great to get them done so I can keep my laundry room/bathroom organized!
I did make a dress on was so quick to's a sweatshirt material, so no hems needed around the bottom, sleeves, an…

Americana Patriotic Star Wall Hanging...

Finally, a finish of something needing attention for months! The Star wall hanging that was put together in March is now quilted...yeah!

It looks good...but there are a few bad spots in my quilting. I need to work on consistency of stitch size and pattern (with the FMQing). Also, there are a couple of wrinkles in my binding that I think I'll need to fix. I wanted to enter this in the county fair at the end of the month, but I'm not sure its going to get to go...we'll see what else I get done :) !

I pieced the back (sorry I forgot to take a picture...) with a label included. I used the print your own labels again...however, after washing the wall hanging, the label is a MESS! The background coloring is almost all gone and discolored and the words are a little hard to read in spots. I was very disappointed...but at least it didn't affect the rest of the wall hanging. I think I might have to design and order some labels from Spoonflower and get a fabric and lear…

Berry Blueberry...

Last night we picked blueberries at my in-laws. They have a great blueberry bush in their front yard. While we were picking, Liz decided to garnish the bowl...a real chef, isn't she?! I had a particular purpose for about a cup or so of the blueberries we were picking...
Cream Cheese Dessert
I ended up using two and half cups...but there are still a lot of berries left. Liz will be happy! I don't like blueberries, so I made a half with strawberries for Sunday School hour. This is one of my favorite desserts, so I'll share so maybe it can become one of yours! (here's the original recipe...but I'll share how I make it!) Cream Cheese Dessert (13x9 pan)

Graham cracker crust:
      3 cups graham cracker crumbs
      1/3 cup sugar
      2/3 cup butter/margarine - melted

Mix together and pat into bottom of pan.

Cream cheese filling:
      12 ounces cream cheese/Neufchatel cheese - softened
      1 cup powdered sugar
cream together
      1 tub cool whip
fold into cream cheese, …