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The Fair's Almost Over...

but it's been fun! We have one day of VBS left...which includes a hayride and water balloons...the kids will have alot of fun!

So, as I've mention, I was in charge of crafts this week and I'd like to show you what we did...

First, week are doing a week long project...planting a seed daily that corresponds with planting seeds of the spirit which also go along with the parable of the sower.

Then on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we did an extra craft for the day...
(Today we had the Dairy Princess doing a presentation, and tomorrow is the hayride, so we only have time to plant our seeds!)

1 - Week long planter...
2 - (Tues.) Can Koozie Pencil Holder
3 - (Wed.) Paper Friendship Quilts
Far Right - (Mon.) Color a Bookmark

The kids made great comments and seemed to really like the crafts, so that was nice!
Here are some action shots of yesterdays quilt making with the younger group of kids.

It was nice that even the boys enjoyed this craft...and I was tickled when the one young bo…

Farmland Bunting for a Fair VBS...

Today was the beginning of VBS at our church and I'm in charge of crafts...this is hard for me because I'm not much of a teacher when it comes to crafts...I'm more of a doer!
But it went they started their week long project of planting seeds in a egg carton planter and they made a bookmark. Hopefully the rest of the week goes as well!

The theme is "Come to the Fair" and we have all kinds of farm/craft decorations, including the Farmland bunting for the sanctuary. I finished it on Saturday afternoon... so here it is... Here is a closer picture of it hanging in our bedroom/my craft room before taking it to church... Don't mind the exposed light was the only light fixture in the house when we bought it...well, other than a hittius one in the dining room. We installed new in all the rooms except this one, but it still works...we just haven't found the right globe for it! We've lived in this house for 4 years and it is definitely a wo…

A Bake Sale and Dinner...

Yesterday, I was busy in the kitchen getting items baked for a Bake Sale we are having in conjunction with a Garage Sale to raise funds for the kids at church to go to camp...which is quickly approaching!
Pie is one of the things I like to make...but lately my favorite crust recipe is not working very well and I haven't found a replacement that I really want to try. So, if anyone has a great crust recipe they would like to share, I'd definitely try it!
So these ingredients...
Turned into these... I know they're square, but the store didn't have round throw away pie plates!

Then, I thought homemade bread would go well, so this...

Turned into these... two white and two cinnamon... and dinner... two pizza crusts... I thought I'd share my dough recipe. It is one of two that I use for white bread dough, which can be used for a bunch of things.
White Bread
2 pkgs dry yeast 3/4 cup warm water 2 2/3 cups warm water 1/4 cup sugar 3 Tablespoons butter or shortening 1 Tablespoon salt 9 …

Another W.I.P. Wednesday...

Ok...for some reason Blogger is not letting me add photos to the post...I can upload, but they WILL NOT post...ugh! (Edited on 6/24/11 -- add the pictures!!!!)

So...I'm posting a Pictureless Wednesday...but in hopes of editing pictures in later today. It's just not as fun without the pictures!

Today is week #32 of the W.I.P. Wednesday...which is hosted by Lee over at freshly pieced.  Check out everyone's progress (or lack thereof :) )... Handsewing Projects: 2
EPP 60 Degree Diamonds Table Topper - has all of the stars I just have to get them all sewn together with the joining pieces.
Hexagon Kitchen Window Runner - hasn't been touched this week...opps!
Machine Quilting Projects: 5

The Patio Table - The main project of this...The Centerpiece is done, I finished the binding on Monday, yeah! However, the other acssesories for this project were not worked on this week and I don't know if I'll make my personal deadline of the end of the month to get the pattern …

Emily's Pillow and Some Balloons...

Today, I'm linking up a pillow for the Pillow Fight for a Cause at Ladybird Lane. 
 My pillowcase will be mailed today and I want to share a pillow I made in February.

 This pillow was made for Emily, a young girl at our church. She had a high fever for weeks and the doctors were unsure what was wrong, so she has having alot test done and the day after I made this for her, she was having a bone marrow test for Leukemia. The church and her family are very thankful to God that she does not have cancer... They finally narrowed down to Cat Scratch Fever. She was treated and is now fine and doing very well!
I made this pillow very is fleece with flannel applique. I cut out the shapes, sewed them to the front panel, then sewed the two panels together three inches from the edges...leaving a hole for stuffing :) ... then I stuffed it and sewed up the hole. The edges were then cut into inch strips and then two were tied together.
It was fun to make and turned out as soft as I ho…

What Wild Days...

yesterday and today have been! Yesterday was the Friday Night Sew-in with Heidi and I got housework done in the morning - Yeah! (that's really good for me because it was laundry, and I hate laundry!)

But I digress... I so wanted to post my Friday night work sooner...but today has been very busy, but more on that later!
Yesterday afternoon, I began sewing together this adorable fabric basket for a birthday present. The original pattern from Pink Penguin has two cute handles, but they didn't seem functional...and Chad thought it needed one handle. So that's what it got...I think this is so adorable. When I first saw these baskets, I was wondering just how big it was. It turned out they are very cute 4 inches high, 5 inches across the front and 3 inches deep/wide. I can't wait to make more... it went together quickly! I'm linking this cutie over at It's a Hodgepodge Friday linky party...join the fun!
However, towards the end of the fabric basket project, t…

W.I.P. Wednesday - #2 for me...

Today is week #31 of the W.I.P. Wednesday...which is hosted by Lee over at freshly pieced.  Check out everyone's progress (or lack thereof :) )... Handsewing Projects: 2
EPP 60 Degree Diamonds Table Topper - is coming along slowly, but does have a few more stars sewn together.
Hexagon Kitchen Window Runner - has a few (very few) hexagon templates cut out.
Machine Quilting Projects: 3
The Patio Table The quilting has been just needs the binding hand stitiched. The other acssesories for this project are slowly being worked on. I hope I can still reach my personal deadline of the end of the month to get the pattern together and posted on Etsy.
Summer Headband - this was a quick Saturday project that I posted about on Saturday...I can't wait to make more!
Farmland Bunting - this is a project for decorating our church for VBS...themed County Fair. As I was cutting out a few of the pennants, I decided to use these to decorate Liz's room after VBS...she already has some count…

Pick-up Stix...

This morning I was checking the newest blog posts and Amy over at Amy's Creative Side started her Sewing with Kids series and it showed her little ones useing embroidery floss and a plain piece of material. They got to create whatever they wanted.
So, I thought I'd let Liz try it out! She's three and likes playing with my pins, so a rounded tipped embroidery needle was no problem for her (and Amy's little boy is almost 4...and he did it...and she didn't say anything about blood!). This was also a way to get her into crafts without to much hastle and is more than just coloring or cut-n-paste paper projects (ie. preschool projects).
Liz loved it! The thing I thought of after I tied off the last of the floss for her and laid it looks like a game of Pick-up Stix from when I was a kid.

The only addjustments I made to what Amy did with her children was to double the floss and knot the end. That way I didn't have to keep re-threading the needle and she could d…

Summer Headbands...

Yesterday, Craft Buds had a wonderful tutorial on making reversible headbands. I have been wearing headbands more and thought the tutorial looked I made one this morning! So fast and easy...

The pattern had it 2 inches wide...and I made mine 2 1/2 inches, but it is a smidgen to big. Next time I'd definitely use the 2 inch measurement. They also had another headband version on the tutorial, which I might make at a later time.

I really like how it turned out and how fast it was...probably only a half an hour (once you weed out all the distractions).

Checkout all the fun things at It's a Hodgepodge Life for It's a Hodgepodge Friday as well as some other fun things at Ladybird Lane for Weekend Showoff Party. If you hop over to Ladybird Lane, be sure to read the post about the Pillow Fight for a Cause ...I hope to make a pillowcase early next week. You can click on the text links or use the buttons on the right.

So many fun blogs to share our projects on! I just found t…

W.I.P. Wednesday...

Today is week #30 of the W.I.P. Wednesday...which is hosted by Lee over at freshly pieced.
I've been seeing these Wednesday post and decide today that I would finally join in and show my works in progress!

Handsewing Projects: 2

EPP 60 Degree Diamond Table Topper
I'm enjoying the 60 degree diamond stars. I almsot have all the diamonds around the templates. Once it is altogether, I want to hand quilt first completele hand sewn project ?!

Hexagon Kitchen Window Runner
And I'm enjoing it so that I have hexagon templates ready to cut out and then start cutting material...I'm thinking of using the vintage flour sacs.

Machine Quilting Projects: 1

The Patio Table

This is a major project that I'm designing and writing a pattern for to sell on Esty. I hope to have it completed and for sale by the end of June. The table center piece has the applique done and the piecing is almost complete...then quilting (tomorrow?)!
Here's a small look...
Stalled/Forgotten Proj…

Our Strawberry Patch...

A few years ago we planted some strawberry bushes behind our garage. The first two years we got a total of maybe 1 quart...however, the past few years we have been enjoying some great strawberry harvests during the month of June.
Today we got the firsts of this years harvest, which looks to be a pretty good one again... Yummy! Chad and Liz love them...they at all of them this evening except the two Chad gave me. I guess I'll have to fight them for more tomorrow ;) !

On Saturday, I was able to get a good portion of my diamonds sewn around their templates, so soon I hope I can get some stars made and together! It was nice working on something in the car (and only feeling slightly ill was kind of hilly and curvy then!).
This is so fun...and today, Mary over at Molly Flanders showed her most recently completed Grandmother's Flower Garden block and it made me want to try some hexagons much inspiration, so little time!

Not only did I get alot done on Saturday, I al…

Will You Participate?

I've decided will three of you join me in a Pay-it-Forward 'swap'?

Stephanie of Spontaneous Threads is who I signed-up sometime in the next 365 days I'll have a great surprise come in the mail. I'm so excited!

But now for my continuation of the 'swap', I need you...
Here's how it works:

1. I will make a handmade something for 3 readers of my blog
(if you would like to participate in the Pay it would like to get something handmade from me...please leave me a comment telling me that you would like to participate). I will send these 3 readers something that I have made, without warning within 365 days.

2. So, in order for you to get something from me - you have to say that you will do the same for 3 readers of your blog,, it follows that you should have a blog if we want to keep this "paying forward" unbroken.

3. When you receive your handmade item (from me) you MUST post about what you received on your blog, a…