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Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Fall Tote Bag...

Today I'm doing a quick post to show you my weekend finish...
A quick Fall tote bag for a friend.

I made this bag to fit a Bible, a journal and a piano book or small 3 ring binder for carrying items to church...but my friend can decide how she wants to utilize the bag. I think some of my love of fall colors dominated this bag...also hope she doesn't mind :) !

It really was a simple bag...but useful...even without any pockets or a closure...but with three small children and another one on the way, I didn't think she'd mind not having to fiddle with a closure. Great for a grab and go!

Linking this one up with the early week parties...check them out on my right side bar. Also, including this one in the Wearable section of Celebrate Color (button also on  the side bar).

Hope everyone's start of the week is good...I'm off to can 4 bushels of apples... reinforcements will be arriving to help after work!

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

At another time, I believe I already used this verse...but today this verse is appropriate. This morning I finished preparing my last Science lesson for school. It was a bitter sweet moment...

I greatly enjoyed teaching the children science, but my home (not just as in cleaning it, but the aspects of the children and husband too) were being neglected as I tried to prepare lessons, practicing piano, keep my sanity of doing the house work, and my leisure activity of sewing. So, yesterday, I 'resigned' from actually teaching the science class at school. I will still be there on my volunteer days to continue to help teach them and bond with them...which is one of the greatest joys of being there...

I believe that this is the direction God has for me at this time, and even as Pastor said when I told him...we can keep it in mind for in the future, once my girls get a little older, then maybe we would be able to resume these classes.

For now, my time at home needs to be directed to other things than science.


  1. I hope your friend loves her bag! The print is so great-the perfect fall colors, without screaming "seasonal"! :)


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