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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabric Box...

At the beginning of October, our church is having a missions conference...and taking an idea from the missionary couple we have in our church (from when they went to a conference at another church)...I thought that putting together some cute little gift baskets for each couple would be nice.

So, the base of this idea is the basket, right? What size is it going to be? How much will fit in it?

Well, in order to make up a list of needed goodies to fill these baskets...I need to get the basket, right? The thought of regular wicker baskets from a thrift store or dollar store was discussed...but I'm not to much of a shopper anymore and thought...FABRIC!

A while ago I saved a link to Amanda Jean's Storage Cubes over at her site, Crazy Mom Quilts. While, last night I made one of these boxes...

I did increase my size to 7 1/2 inch fabric squares to begin with (rather than the tutorials 6 inches) and I think it turned out perfect for the intended use...

However, this particular one will not be given out because it has a few flaws I hope to remedy in the next 5 I make.
The lining is a little bunchy and my label holder is crooked...
Now, to make that list of fun goodies to present to the missionaries in their new Fabric box!

Also, the promised picture of Amber's quilt that is hanging on my design wall...
OK, so it's not the entire quilt, but I'm not quite ready to show it yet...
But here is a small section of the Warm/Cool section of the quilt...I used 2 Fresh Flowers charm packs by Deb Strain for Moda. It's not enough to make a full quilt, so I had to come up with something to fill this into a twin sized quilt (well maybe almost twin size)...
 So, adding some wide borders on the ends and narrower borders on the's a sketch of what I hope to make it into...
I can't wait to get a chance to work on it again!

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this is the first commandment.
Mark 12:30

God commands us to first love and with everything. Do we? Do you even know God and what He has done for us? If you don't, Please read the left side bar and consider what you read!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oooh, love the box - what a neat way to present a bunch of gifts in a gift - or to store fabrics in a quilting/sewing room. Amber's quilt is fabulous!

  2. Amanda, I read on a blog comment that you are creating your own too! Hoping to go to Houston Market and trying to figure out how to get an invitation. Do you know how to get in? Let me know!!! Thanks


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