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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini Boho Sweatshirt Dress...

This dress was inspired by a tutorial at Sweet Verbena for a Boho Maxi Dress...mine has some variation! Since it is different, I named it the Mini Boho Sweatshirt Dress...

Why? Because it is shorter, made of sweatshirt material instead of jersey, and has simple embroidery on it.
I also tailored it in so it didn't look so much like a sack and so it didn't need a belt like the original...but I got it a smigine tighter than I feel comfortable hope I can lose a few more pounds or I'll have to sell it on Etsy...and make another one for me!

I did go ahead and put it on for a picture...
but now off to the Fair for this dress! I need to get everything ready to go...tomorrow night is the beginning of entering exhibits!

On another crafty note...I went to JoAnn's this week because they were having a good sale, and I got a 20% off entire purchase coupon's the loot:
I was having major fall fabric attraction...and needed to buy some! The charm squares and FQ's were on clearance and the yardage was on sale for 50% off! It was a good shopping day...the rotary blades were $25.99...on sale for 40% off = $ the extra 20% coupon, so, I saved another $3.12 for a final price of $12.47!!! That's still a $3.50 savings from the $15.97 I'd normally pay at Wal-mart...I love saving! (And it was so great using a new a hot knife through butter!)

Everything was either on sale or had a 40% coupon to go the extra 20%...and the material is a great weight...not the thin stuff! enough of my ramblings about sales!

This weekend I'll be showing off a couple of gift projects...but I'm waiting for the recipient to open them :) Stop back to see what a young college girl is going to receive for the first "Going to college shower" I've ever heard of... it's great to have a party! And speaking of parties...checkout my right side bar for some fun linky ones!

But whoso hearkeneth unto me
shall dwell safely,
and shall be quiet from fear of evil.
Proverbs 1:33

God gives peace beyond our understanding...we just have to trust Him!

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