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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{WOW 'Wee'} Another WIP Wednesday...

So, with it being Wednesday, I'll round up my week of projects. I feel like it's been very productive! And this is my 50th post!

I did get a little bit of hand sewing done this past weekend...but not enough for a picture but I am looking forward to doing some more on it this coming weekend.

The FNSI helped me complete the Father's Day coasters! Yeah! A project completed!
Also, I picked out material to make about 5 fabric baskets... I have 2 done and a matching pocket for one of them. The other ones that are cut out are for our home, so they may get pushed aside a little bit...but I'm happy for these finishes because they are presents that need filled and give out this weekend!

I may have gotten more baskets done if I hadn't taken time to make a new pin cushion. The other one I made like this was sinking in and not working well...this new one has steel wool in it and so should keep it's shape better! I have this as a tutorial ...but I think I will need to edit it to include the steel wool. Also, this flower pot is the next size smaller. Still very cute! Included in this weeks {wow me} Wednesday at Ginger Snaps. Head's a great party! I'm going to go find something to take for a snack to church tonight!
Week 2 of the Quiet Book Sew Along headed by Traci at Stolen Moments is a great motivator for me...I didn't get a whole page done, but I did get the background done for the one winter scene.
I think these pages will be fun to see evolve from material to 'games' that girls can do.
In conclusion...

Works Completed = 1 (Coasters)
Works in Progress = 3 (Hand sewing Diamonds, Season's Book, Fabric baskets)
New Projects = 1 (Fabric baskets)

WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced

Non-sewing :) = Science Lessons...School will start again before we know it!

Sing aloud unto God our strength:
make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob.
Psalm 81:1

Make a joyful noise and praise the Lord! Monday we had a great blessing...

We have a laptop computer that was given to us about four (?) years ago (it was hardly used, even though it already a year old...but the CD/DVD drive has never worked). We used it for the Internet for a few years, then about a year ago the computer did NOTHING! We looked into getting it fixed, but it cost and we didn't want to put $ into it. On Monday, I got it out of it's year of 'storage' just to see what would happen. I turned it on and...
It took about an hour, but it rebooted itself and we now have a usable laptop! What a great blessing because my plans include the use of one for Science class this year...I'm so excited! Praise God in all things!

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  1. I love baskets made from fabric. Yours are lovely. You've got a lot of nice projects going on!


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