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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday - #2 for me...

Today is week #31 of the W.I.P. Wednesday...which is hosted by Lee over at freshly pieced.  Check out everyone's progress (or lack thereof :) )...
Handsewing Projects: 2

EPP 60 Degree Diamonds Table Topper - is coming along slowly, but does have a few more stars sewn together.

Hexagon Kitchen Window Runner - has a few (very few) hexagon templates cut out.

Machine Quilting Projects: 3

The Patio Table
The quilting has been just needs the binding hand stitiched. The other acssesories for this project are slowly being worked on. I hope I can still reach my personal deadline of the end of the month to get the pattern together and posted on Etsy.

Summer Headband - this was a quick Saturday project that I posted about on Saturday...I can't wait to make more!

Farmland Bunting - this is a project for decorating our church for VBS...themed County Fair. As I was cutting out a few of the pennants, I decided to use these to decorate Liz's room after VBS...she already has some country/farmy things so this will just help give her room a theme/focus.
More pennant cutting tomorrow!
Miscellaneous Projects: 1

VBS Crafts - this is something added to my list this week. I have the daily projects to just get the stuff to execute the plans!

Stalled/Forgotten Projects: 2

Patriotic Wall Hanging - still hoping to get it done for the fair at the end of August.
Oversized Mug Rug - This just needs quilted and bound.

Projects to Start: a whole bunch :) 
... but don't we all have these!
This coming week I want to make a pillowcase to join the Pillow Fight for a cause over at Ladybird Lane...please head over there and checkout this great cause.
(There is also a button on the right.)

The birthday presents still need attention and a couple of quilts I already have planned and really want to start...especially with the cool weather we have been having the past few days!

Also, joining the Warm Cool Quilt Along over at In Color Order will not be happening...first, I don't have the right materials in my stash to do this particualar quilt (nor can I go get them right now) and I already have alot to do...I do hope that come late summer  I'll be able to join a Quilt-along...

So, for today, W.I.P. = 7
Projects completed (this week) = 1
Projects started (this week) = 2

Projects that need started = a whole bunch!

NOTE: There are three opportunities to join me in a Pay-It Forward 'swap' still available. Check out the Will you Participate Post and join the fun...PLEASE!

I feel like a Psalm today...
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,
all ye lands.
Serve the Lord with gladness:
come before his presesnce with singing.
Psalm 100:1-2

This is one of the great doxologies or praises to God in the Bible. (Note from the Rock of Ages Study Bible.)

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