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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Wild Days...

yesterday and today have been! Yesterday was the Friday Night Sew-in with Heidi and I got housework done in the morning - Yeah! (that's really good for me because it was laundry, and I hate laundry!)

But I digress... I so wanted to post my Friday night work sooner...but today has been very busy, but more on that later!

Yesterday afternoon, I began sewing together this adorable fabric basket for a birthday present. The original pattern from Pink Penguin has two cute handles, but they didn't seem functional...and Chad thought it needed one handle. So that's what it got...I think this is so adorable. When I first saw these baskets, I was wondering just how big it was. It turned out they are very cute 4 inches high, 5 inches across the front and 3 inches deep/wide. I can't wait to make more... it went together quickly! I'm linking this cutie over at It's a Hodgepodge Friday linky party...join the fun!

However, towards the end of the fabric basket project, the baby began to get fussy and cried alot of the the pillowcase that was on my agenda to finish last night only got partially done. I end up finishing it early afternoon today.

It also turned out very cute and is ready to be sent out to Carlee at Ladybird Lane for the Pillow Fight for a Cause going on over at her blog. I'm also linking this pillow case over at her Weekend Show Off's a fun party, check it out!

This was my very first pillowcase and I hope it brings comfort to the child that receives it.

Today's wildness also included strawberry picking, jam making, and hot air balloons...but I'll share more on that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Sunday...

Be ye therefore followers of God,
as dear children;
Ephesians 5:1

We need to follow God's plan for our lives just as children follow others...trusting them to show them the right things to do. We can trust that God will show us His will for our lives if we follow Him...wholeheartedly!

Hope to 'see' you in church tomorrow...

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  1. The bag is super cute! I also love the pillowcase, thank you so much for taking your time to make one! It is greatly appreciated. You can also link up to our Pillow Fight linky for a chance to win some fun prizes! link below!!



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