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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pick-up Stix...

This morning I was checking the newest blog posts and Amy over at Amy's Creative Side started her Sewing with Kids series and it showed her little ones useing embroidery floss and a plain piece of material. They got to create whatever they wanted.

So, I thought I'd let Liz try it out! She's three and likes playing with my pins, so a rounded tipped embroidery needle was no problem for her (and Amy's little boy is almost 4...and he did it...and she didn't say anything about blood!). This was also a way to get her into crafts without to much hastle and is more than just coloring or cut-n-paste paper projects (ie. preschool projects).

Liz loved it!
The thing I thought of after I tied off the last of the floss for her and laid it looks like a game of Pick-up Stix from when I was a kid.

The only addjustments I made to what Amy did with her children was to double the floss and knot the end. That way I didn't have to keep re-threading the needle and she could do the whole color without interuption. Also, no biggy, but this is only a 6" was the easiest one to grab!

She was so happy with it!
She wanted to give it to her Geema...but I told her that since it was her very first, we would hang it in her room and make another one tomorrow for Geema...and that made her happy!

Click over to Ginger Snap Crafts to check out a wide variety of projects for {wow me} wednesday!

This past Sunday, I had alot of things stick out to me while we were flipping through different passages during Sunday School. One was...

...Take heed to the ministry
which thou hast received in the Lord,
that thou fulfil it.
Colossians 4:17

These kind of verse should always spur us on to do our best in what God has given us to do...and then that evening, I was appointed the leader for crafts for VBS...I want to do a good job and I think I've picked out some fun things...I guess we'll see! The next couple of weeks will be very busy! I hope I can post some of it for you so you can see the fun!

Have a great night...see you tomorrow for W.I.P. Wednesday!


  1. What a great way to introduce kids to sewing crafts!

  2. A true crafter...she wants to give it away!


  3. She did great! Next time - I'm totally doing the double thread. That was mentioned in my comments - duh - simple solution!


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