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Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Strawberry Patch...

A few years ago we planted some strawberry bushes behind our garage. The first two years we got a total of maybe 1 quart...however, the past few years we have been enjoying some great strawberry harvests during the month of June.
Today we got the firsts of this years harvest, which looks to be a pretty good one again...
It doesn't have as much weeding done in it as it should...but it still produces for us!
Yummy! Chad and Liz love them...they at all of them this evening except the two Chad gave me. I guess I'll have to fight them for more tomorrow ;) !

On Saturday, I was able to get a good portion of my diamonds sewn around their templates, so soon I hope I can get some stars made and together! It was nice working on something in the car (and only feeling slightly ill was kind of hilly and curvy then!).
Found this picture of me on my camera tonight...
one of the young ladies with us had my camera for part of the day.
This is so fun...and today, Mary over at Molly Flanders showed her most recently completed Grandmother's Flower Garden block and it made me want to try some hexagons much inspiration, so little time!

Not only did I get alot done on Saturday, I also got a few ideas for some quilts. If only we didn't have to sleep!

For I rejoiced greatly,
when the brethern came
and testified of the truth that is in thee,
even as thou walkest in the truth.
3 John 3

A few weeks ago in Sunday School we cover the New Testament Character of Gais. This verse stuck out to me...that I want it to be said that I walk in the truth.

Great day crafting...God to be praised for the talent given!

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  1. The strawberries here grow in clumps pretty low to the ground, but our area is known for its huge strawberries. We have a Strawberry Festival in the town that almost adjoins us - Poteet, Texas. Your strawberries look scrumptious!
    I guess I need to start making hexagons. I see them all over the internet.


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