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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sewing Corner...

How quickly time moves along!
This was a practice piece for my FMQing Challenge. I did this on my day 12 (Tuesday). I had watched a FMQ video earlier on Tuesday, so as I was practicing, I think I had a better idea of what I was suppose to be doing!

On Wednesday and Thursday, my day 13 and 14, I was quilting a mother's day gift...So I'll show just part of it! (I'll post a full view on Monday.)
I also did a small practice piece, but the pictures would not turn the stitching didn't show up. (Sorry there's no picture.)

So, I've finished the FMQing Challenge...and have improved!

However, I may continue to challenge myself for the last week of the challenge as well because now I have a new tool... an extention table for my sewing machine!

My wonderful husband went to the sewing store yesterday to get me my Mother's day extention table. But sticker shock had him leaving the store designing one in his head. He is so talented! He made it for me last night. I still have yet to try it out and I plan to cover it with contact paper so the material slides around smoothly. It is calling me...but I have to go to maybe tonight!

I also added another element to my sewing corner...a 'design wall'. I read on a blog that all you really need for a wall is a piece of batting pinned to the wall. I didn't want to part with my I'm using the back of a crib quilt (store bought) that was hanging half way behind our bed. The front is nice...a lighthouse/sailboat motif...but I'm thinking it will be more useful this way!
I waiting on shelves for better storage...but the sewing corner is coming to gether nicely!

I also finished the binding of the Log Cabin pot holders yesterday.

Yesterday was a beautiful I took a bunch of outside pictures...I'll post some more later.

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

   ~ the Mad Fabrictist


  1. Ah, I see you got one of those hexagon table mats done - good job! Nice extension for your machine, lots of room there - isn't it nice to have talented husbands!

  2. What a talented husband you have! You have done very well with your quilting! Keep on sewing!


  3. What a wonderful husband! He did such a good job, too!
    I love the colors you used in your potholders!


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