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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hand Sewing Travel Box...

 Here it is...
The hand sewing that needed done on my hand sewing travel box is done! Now, when I need a 'travel' project, it can go in style :) ! However, the travel may only be to the back porch or the living room, but the 'box' keeps all my diamonds neatly organized and together.
I still need to get stitching on the diamonds...last night I was going to do a few but my arm hurt from the stitching I had done during school on the 'box'. (The extra perks of volunteering at an ACE church can do crafts while you wait for the kids to ask questions...however, this is our last week, so most of them are done with all their PACES and reports.)

Since my handsewing might aggrivate my arm, I decided to work on decorating a card basket (for an open house...a 90th Birthday party...on Memorial Day). I used blue flowers around it and now just need to 'tack' them in place with some floral wire.
The bench it is sitting on is a new addition to our house. It is an old pew that had been at Chad's grandma' was then cut down to a smaller size when she moved into an assisted living facility. However, she had to down size some more, so we are the fortunate receipents of this beautiful old pew...
Now comes the fun part...making a cushion for the seat! I even have some fabric picked out!

Saturday was a beautiful summer day here and we enjoyed the day outside...

It's not the best picture of me, but the baby is look at her instead! Liz didn't want a second picture taken at this moment, so she looked away, but I think it turned out to be a sweet picture of her.

Let your light so shine before men,
 that they may see your good works,
 and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16

This reminds me that God has given me the abilities I have, so, I need to use them for Him and thank Him for them! (I realize this is not the main thought for this passage, but its what I got out of it today.)
Thank God today for your many blessings...because they all come from Him!

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  1. What adorable children! I also agree with your spiritual sentiments. Your travel sewing box is great, too!


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