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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lets Catch Up...

On the recent things...then I'll work my way back through the things I've mentioned on some previous posts.

So, first is the Free Motion Quilting Challenge that began (at least for me) on Friday, April is going well. On Monday - my day 4 - I did a few very small items. A pin cushion top, a small plaque, and what will become a coaster...

Pin cushion top
Pin cushion top back

Plaque and coaster

Then Tuesday - day 5 - I used an extra square that had been left over from a quilted rag bag I made around Christmas. I think I might bind it and use it as a mug rug...
The FMQing seems to be getting easier. I'm gaining a little more control, however, I do feel like I'm fighting the machine at times. It feels like it wants to pull the fabric it's own way. Is this because the feed dogs aren't lowered? I don't have that option on my machine. Before I even started my FMQ the lady at the sewing machine shop told my to put the stitch lenght on 0, but that didn't seem to do anything. I'll have to keep working at it... I still have 9 days of regular practice to work on my FMQing.

Now on to a few other items of previously mentioned plans...

1) The April Moda Bake Shop Contest...
I was going to enter ethier my Bible cover or Liz's, however, that changed. I reread the contest rules and saw that the item had to be out of Moda fabric. So, since I only have on thing of Moda fabric - a Maderia Jelly roll by Blackbird Designs - I used some of it to make the Casserole Carrier...which I did enter in the contest.

2) Pin cushions...
I thought about submitting a turorial on these to Moda, but I think I've changed my mind...I'll probably just post one here this week instead! Check back...I hope to have one up for the Casserole carrier this week, too!

This particular pin cushion was given as a gift to a friend. I do have pictures of mine for the tutorial. I think this one turned out better!

3) Lastly...
I had mentioned a while back that I'd tell you about invitations I had designed for a party. Well, the invitations have gone out and now I can show you the background I drew for the cards. I enjoyed this...because nothing on my card program seemed to I made something that did!

That about wraps it up for me... except to leave you with a verse that really spoke to me today (well, actually yesterday if you go by what the clock says, but I havn't gone to bed yet!)...
but God used this to work on my heart...

Withhold not good from them
to whom it is due,
when it is in the
power of thine hand to do it.
Proverbs 3:27

Live life to the fullest...serving God with all vigour!
     ~the Mad Fabrictist

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  1. Great going, Amanda - FMQ seems to be working for you even without feed dogs lowered.


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