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Friday, April 29, 2011

Flower Pot Pin Cushion Turtorial...

Flower Pot Pin Cushion

Materials Needed:
1 - 3 1/2 inch (or 3"...which ever size is closestest) terra cota pot
3 scraps of 2 1/2" x 8" or 1 square 6" x 6"
1 piece 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" piece felt or batting
5 or 6 rocks (ie. driveway rocks)
stuffing (ie. Poly-fil)
lace, ribbon, etc.
hot glue gun
I had materials for two pots.

First, if you choose to use the three strips of fabric...
sew them together

Then...for both...
take your topper material and cut into a 5 1/2" diameter circle
and your felt/batting peice and cut it to about 4 1/2" diameter circle

baste the topper and batting together and quilt

Now, we can assemble the pieces.
Take the pot and put in the rocks.
Use the stuffing to fill up the rest of the pot...and add extra so it is puffing out of the pot (the more you can hold in during assembly, the better the top looks on the finished product.)
Once stuffed, push the stuffing down as much as possible, flip the pot over onto the quilted topper.
Take your glue gun and work your way around the edge of the pot, bringing up the outer material, pulling it taut. (pushing down on the pot also helps have a nicely finished top)
Once you've gone all the way around, turn the pot back upright.

Now to finish it off...
Add lace around the upper edge using your glue gun.

The single piece of material seemed to work better, and finished nice (but it was also the third time I was making a pot).

I hope this is clear and you like your new pin cushion...I love mine! (...but I think I'm going to restuff it - there not quite enough in it - it was the first one I made!)

Finally, my brethern,
rejoice in the Lord.
Philippians 3:1a

   ~ the Mad Fabrictist


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