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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fabric Forgiveness...

Yesterday, I made a log cabin quilt block...because I just love them and wanted to see how easy or hard they were to make. It was rather easy and quick. My only question is...How long are the pieces to be cut? I printed a pattern that didn't have any directions with it. So I went by the middle square and just multiplied by the number of blocks per strip. It worked, but I had a lot of extra 'scrap' sections that I cut off as I was sewing the pieces together. I love what I ended up with and I'm sending out to my grandmother tomorrow!
I know the colors are not blocked together as a traditional log cabin block...but I felt like doing my own thing...and I was using scraps!

I also used this to practice my FMQing for yesterday. I began in the middle and started curling outward...but I didn't like it and started the long wavy lines. So, I took out the middle with the seam ripper, and then went over it with wavy lines to complete the same look all over. I liked it but you could see the I decided to throw it in the washing machine...and when it came out of the dryer - Yeah! Fabric Forgiveness! There were no more holes.
I like the long wavy lines. But I also tried a few other patterns yesterday on an extra rag quilt block...
Today, I didn't get very much FMQ practice in.  What I did do was start on my FMQing on my Carpenter's Wheel block...but I didn't like how it out came the seam ripper. You can see the needle holes in the picture...hopefully this material is as forgiving as what I used on the potholder.
Also, I started putting my plastic bag keeper together, so it should be tomorrows FMQing project...probably long wavy lines :) !
I hope everyone is having a great week. The sun has been out here, but it has been very windy.

Blessed art thou, O Lord:
teach me thy statues.
Psalm 119:12

This has been a great week of Revival at bad the meetings are over tonight. However, the revival of the church can continue even without special meetings!
    ~ the Mad Fabrictist

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